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25 november 2020 11:29 av HMI Corporation

Benefit from Revenue Cycle Management Consulting

Today, we’re highlighting some of the ways that small, rural hospitals can benefit from a revenue cycle assessment.

25 november 2020 11:27 av HMI Corporation

ICD-11 Medical Coding

Keep reading to discover some of the significant changes in ICD-11 medical coding, including how your organization can prepare for the release of ICD-11.

25 november 2020 11:25 av HMI Corporation

Physicians Can Benefit from Healthcare Consulting

Today, we’re explaining some of the ways physicians can benefit from healthcare consulting whether running a small practice or working for a larger organization.

25 november 2020 11:22 av HMI Corporation

4 Success Stories of Rural Hospitals Solving Moder

Today, we’re highlighting some of the best success stories of rural hospitals across America, including situations where ingenuity, creativity, and flexibility saved small hospitals in rural settings.

25 november 2020 11:11 av HMI Corporation


Today, we’re exploring some of the best employee training opportunities for small and large healthcare organizations.

25 november 2020 11:08 av HMI Corporation

Independent Review Organization (IRO) Claims Revie

Our consultant specialists will perform the claims reviews required under the Client’s Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA), prepare required reports for the Office of Inspector General (OIG)

25 november 2020 11:05 av HMI Corporation

Recovery Audit Contractor

Our coding specialists will perform a comprehensive review of the RAC findings cited in the demand letter, patient medical record, and corresponding final billed claim to determine if the hospital documentation and/or billing information is appropriate.

25 november 2020 11:03 av HMI Corporation


Our consultant specialist can provide an assessment of the process as well as medical record review services for completeness of physician and clinical staff for documentation.

25 november 2020 11:01 av HMI Corporation


Our consultant specialists will review and audit single department or new service cdm line items for accuracy of the CPT©/HCPCS, UB revenue code, and modifier assignment for compliance with federal and MAC/FI rules and regulations

25 november 2020 10:59 av HMI Corporation


Our Comprehensive Charge Description Master CDM Review update includes analysis of inpatient and outpatient charges and all clinic charges maintained in the CDM and impacted by CMS PPS.

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